The Surgery Department at Texoma Medical Center has 12 technologically advanced operating rooms equipped with high-level integration systems.

The operating rooms include:

  • Suspended shelving to house equipment needed for surgical cases
  • High definition video
  • Flat panel monitors
  • LED lights with cameras
  • Computers
  • Automated medication delivery systems
  • In-room video monitoring
  • Direct access communication to a secure station

This critical equipment helps our surgery team safely manage the operating room environment for the safety and health of our patients.

Minimally Invasive Surgery at TMC

Advanced laparoscopic procedures have revolutionized surgery. Doctors can now often diagnose conditions, repair or remove diseased organs (such as gall bladders), treat gynecological disorders and perform other procedures without making large incisions in your body. Minimally invasive weight loss surgery is even offered by both of TMC's weight loss surgeons.

A listing of some of the most common surgical procedures.
Once surgery has been completed, you are brought to the recovery room, which also may be called the post-anesthesia care unit.
Now, it's possible to get minimally invasive bariatric surgery right here in Texoma, where you can also get the follow-up care and support so integral to success.
Outpatient surgery and procedures are performed in the Ambulatory Care Unit at Texoma Medical Center.
The TMC Center for Robotic Surgery offers minimally invasive robotic-assisted and single-site surgery using the da Vinci® Surgical System robot.