Health News Magazine Summer 2019

Health News Magazine Summer 2019 (August)

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In This Issue:
Mary Gentry is the first TAVR patient at TMC
Summer 2019 (August)

Success for First TAVR Patient at TMC

For those with aortic stenosis, the minimally invasive TAVR procedure may be right for you.
Older male patient with crutches helped by a nurse
Summer 2019 (August)

TMC Bonham Hospital's Swing Bed Program

If you’ve been hospitalized but are not quite ready to go back to daily living, TMC Bonham offers a Medicare-certified program to help smooth the transition.
Woman smiling with coffee cup (Jennifer Babb)
Summer 2019 (August)

Advanced Anti-Reflux Device Now Available

If you have been diagnosed with chronic reflux or GERD, there is a new device available at Texoma Medical Center that can be an alternative to long-term use of reflux medication and its possible side effects.
Summer 2019 (August)

Is an Overactive Bladder Interfering in Your Activities?

As people age, many people experience accidental leaking of urine or a strong, sudden urge to go to the bathroom, especially when they are active.
Senior woman seated outside (Letha Walker)
Summer 2019 (August)

"They are so good at what they do!"

Letha Walker, 84, has had several wounds that needed specialized care in the last year or so. And each time, she went back to the TMC Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine.
Man seated at desk rubbing lower back
Summer 2019 (August)

Finding and Treating the Possible Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is a very common health condition, but pinpointing the source of the pain can sometimes be challenging.