Freestanding ER at Sherman

January 05, 2020
ER at Sherman, Texoma Medical Center, Denison, Texas

The advantages of a hospital emergency department, in a convenient location.

The recently opened ER at Sherman has all the resources and support of Texoma Medical Center, the region’s leading trauma center. Patients who come to ER at Sherman should feel like they are in the main hospital’s emergency room, explains Jared Johnson, TMC Director of Ambulatory Services.

“This new facility offers laboratory services, respiratory treatment, digital X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, medications and fluids, and cardiopulmonary monitoring, among other services,” says Johnson. Altogether, there are eight patient rooms, including a pediatric treatment room and another designed to treat patients with obstetric and gynecologic conditions.

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Located at Sherman Town Center
4226 North Highway 75, Sherman, TX 75090
Phone: 903-487-0857

Patients who need to be transferred to TMC can be admitted directly, without a trip through the TMC emergency room, and their information will transfer electronically to the main hospital. Hospital staff will be ready to continue care when the patient arrives. Patients may also request to be transferred to another hospital of their choice.

Johnson adds that anyone with a medical emergency can walk in at any time. “This facility is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We have physicians on staff, and can treat people of all ages,” he says.

Hospital-backed quality

ER at Sherman is the region’s only hospital-based local freestanding emergency facility operated under a hospital license. Because of that, it is held to the same standards as if it were located in the hospital. “Operating under a hospital license offers better protection for the patient. For example, ER at Sherman will be required to submit quality reports that are made available to the public, just as any hospital-based ER must do. Freestanding emergency rooms not operated under a hospital license are not required to do this,” says Johnson. “We also accept all major insurance plans in addition to Medicare and Medicaid.”

ER vs. urgent care

Knowing what to do in certain medical situations can be tricky. Is it an emergency, or something less serious that can be treated in an urgent care setting? Assess the situation and determine if the person’s life would be in danger or if the person’s health would be harmed by not going to the ER. If “yes,” then you should call 9-1-1 and seek care immediately.

Examples of conditions considered an emergency because they require quick treatment or surgical intervention include difficulty breathing, possible stroke or heart attack, unexplained seizures, sudden intense pain, broken bones, blurred or double vision, choking and profuse bleeding. The ER has the capability to provide advanced imaging that may be needed to address potentially serious health concerns, and specialists can be consulted quickly if needed.

If you are suffering from more “run-of-the-mill” conditions like bumps and bruises, cold symptoms, strains and sprains, an urgent care setting is an appropriate place to go.

Coming in 2020! ER at Anna

All the amenities and services of ER at Sherman, but there will be 12 treatment areas and a full imaging suite, including mammography. Follow us on our social media channels for future updates!