Be Prepared for A Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies can happen at any time. Texoma Medical Center's Vial of Life program encourages you to be prepared for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel during an emergency. 

The Vial of Life kit makes it easy to document and store your personal medical information and inform responders where to find it in your home. Having your medical information readily available can save valuable time if you are not able to speak or remember this information during an emergency. 

To participate in Vial of Life: 

  • Pick up a Vial of Life kit at TMC's Information Desk in the main lobby or the Emergency Department front desk, or download a copy of the Vial of Life form by submitting your information below.
  • Prepare a list of your medications, allergies and existing conditions and place the information in the Vial of Life.
  • Place the vial inside your refrigerator. Put supplied stickers on your front door and on your refrigerator door to tell EMS personnel that your Vial of Life is inside.
  • If you have to call an ambulance, the EMS team will see the stickers and know where to find the vial. If you go to the Emergency Department on your own, take the vial with you.