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Service Excellence is part of the foundation of the TMC culture. The TMC Service Excellence Award recognizes exceptional performance or behavior that meets or exceeds the expectations of our established Service Standards. Anyone employed by or affiliated with TMC is eligible for the Service Excellence Award.

Honoring employees for their commitment to excellence cultivates an environment where employee and co-worker engagement, teamwork, productivity and retention grow and thrive, which in turn enhances the patient experience.

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Definition of Service Standards

Patient-Centered Culture — Patients are the reason we are here. We each take personal responsibility for creating a positive experience for all individuals we interact with and serve.

Employees are responsible for making access into TMC easy for all patients, physicians, co-workers and anyone they meet. Employees are expected to assist in retaining the patients we have and work to create an environment where new patients want to receive care at TMC. Access requires that every employee own every interaction, question and request. We are all advocates for the patient and the care they receive at TMC.

Accountability — Every employee is responsible for their own actions, job duties and service behavior. This includes individual behavior and personal appearance. Accountability is reflected in how we take care of our facilities, how we develop and send a message to everyone we interact with regarding our level of knowledge, skills and professionalism.

Compassionate Care — Treating every patient, physician, co-worker and everyone we meet with the same level of professionalism and respect. Responsible for providing care and individualized attention to each individual we serve.

Effective Communication — Listening in an effort to understand and strive to communicate with clarity and compassion. Follow appropriate scripting with sincerity. Effective communication includes my choice of words, tone of voice, body language and positive communication.

Respect — Respect and value differences in all individuals. Protect and guard the privacy and confidentiality of all patients, families, guests and fellow employees. Strive to understand what impacts and affects individuals physically, emotionally and spiritually (including; values, beliefs and attitudes).

Responsiveness — Always anticipate the needs of others I serve and respond to requests with a sense of urgency. Always keep patients and families informed of any delays or changes in their care plan. When there are service issues I will apologize, take appropriate action and conduct service recovery.

Teamwork — Always contribute to a positive and healthy work environment by building positive working relationships. Committing to the success of fellow employees and the mission of TMC, which means being dependable and ensuring others know that they can count on you.