Podiatric Surgery at Texoma

Podiatrists at Texoma Medical Center (TMC) recognize how foot and ankle conditions can impact daily activities, so they use non-surgical and surgical techniques to help patients regain pain-free mobility and promote better podiatric health.

The following patients talk about how the procedures they received at TMC helped them get moving again. 

Pam Ramey Testimonial

Pam Ramey

An ankle fusion technique pioneered at TMC helped save Pam's foot and her life. Read Pam's Story >

Saundra Stapp Testimonial

Saundra Stapp

Saundra is walking without pain after being the first TMC patient — and the first in the Texoma region — to undergo total ankle replacement surgery. Read Saundra's story >

If you need a referral to a podiatrist or other physician at Texoma Medical Center, call our free physician referral service at 1-903-416-3627.