Reclaim Your Driving Ability

Woman in wheelchair getting into carOur ability to drive safely can be tested as we age or experience illness or injury. If you struggle to continue driving, return to driving or drive for the first time, it may be time to consider driving rehabilitation.

The Driver Rehabilitation Program at TMC Outpatient Therapy Services includes evaluation, training and vehicle modification recommendations that can help you reclaim your driving ability if it is impacted by a disability or age-related impairment.

Learn More About the Driver Rehab Program

To learn more or get started, talk with your doctor or call us at 903-416-4241.

Are You a Candidate for Driver Rehab?

You may benefit from the program if you have experienced:

  • A recent major medical illness or event
  • Impaired coordination or senses
  • Impaired vision
  • Memory loss or increased forgetfulness
  • Slowed reaction time
  • Medication side effects such as drowsiness
  • An increase in accidents or near misses
  • Difficulty following road signs and traffic situations

Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

Our driver rehabilitation specialists are experienced occupational therapists with advanced training in driver rehabilitation. Licensed and credentialed as certified driving instructors and certified driver rehabilitation specialists (CDRS), their services include:

  • An in-clinic evaluation of your physical, visual and cognitive skills
  • A behind-the-wheel evaluation to observe your driving skills
  • Training in adaptive driving techniques and equipment when needed
  • Assistance with state driver’s license exams and requirements
  • Referrals to a mobility equipment dealer for any necessary vehicle modifications
  • Development of a community mobility plan if it is determined you should no longer drive