TMC Partners With Local Business to Make PPE, Helping Save Lives and Jobs

June 19, 2020

As COVID-19 began to impact the U.S., Matthew Leavitt, Director of Supply Chain Operations at TMC, wanted to ensure the staff at TMC was equipped to work safely. With the unprecedented demand on global supply chains for personal protective equipment (PPE), he looked for alternative options.

He discovered a local developer and manufacturer of products for the airline industry that could provide much-needed protective gowns. Leavitt TMC Staff member in PPEworked with them to develop a prototype gown, which is now in use at TMC.

The arrangement was truly a “win-win.” It provided crucial PPE to the hospital, and it helped keep the supplier’s employees working. For those providing patient care every day, Leavitt truly is a #HealthcareHero.

Leavitt says it was not just his efforts that contributed to the acquisition of PPE. Infectious Disease Director Donna Glen helped Leavitt with the pattern used to make the gown. “It was the cultivation of a lot of other people’s efforts. Donna and I visited the manufacturer together, and other people contributed,” he says. “It was never just me — we all did this together.”