“I’ve never felt so comfortable in an appointment. They make it like you’re one of the girls.”

TMC Breast Care Center, Texoma Medical Center, Denison, TX.October 11, 2023

People across the globe celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month every October, but at the TMC Breast Care Center, our goal is to create awareness of the importance of early detection year-round. For over a decade, we have been a vital resource in the Southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas regions, diagnosing and treating women during the toughest journey some of them will ever take.

The TMC Breast Care Center opened in August 2013, providing the region with a dedicated space outside of the hospital setting for breast care and imaging. Over the last 10 years, the TMC Breast Care Center has had 126,960 patient encounters. That is almost 130,000 lives that have been touched, and possibly saved, by our facilities and the early screenings we offer.

After the first year of opening, we had performed 6,269 screening mammograms. Over the past year, we screened 11,225 patients for breast cancer and performed more than 4,427 diagnostic mammograms and biopsies. 

Breast cancer survivor Linda Vissering says that early detection helped to save her life.  She speaks firsthand of the care and kindness the staff at the TMC Breast Care Center provided her. “It is different than any facility I had ever been to,” Vissering said. “They don’t make you feel uncomfortable. If there is a question you don’t know, they’re there to help get you answers.”

Vissering explained how the team at the Center adapts to each patient and makes them feel seen. She explained how she needed different dressing due to her sensitive skin and because of their attention to detail, they were always sure to accommodate that need before any of her appointments.

This month, we want to encourage women to get their regular screening mammograms. According to the American College of Radiology, screenings are recommended annually starting at age 40 and earlier for high-risk patients. If you have questions about how often you should have a mammogram, be sure to discuss with your medical provider to find out what is best for you.

The TMC Breast Care Center and Outpatient Imaging Center at ER at Anna, a service of Texoma Medical Center, both offer 3D digital mammography. This kind of mammography detects cancer and other abnormalities by replacing the traditional X-ray with 3D images. It provides the radiologists a clearer picture while also lowering the dosage of radiation.

“I’ve never felt so comfortable in an appointment.” Vissering said. “They make it like you’re one of the girls.”

Your best line of defense against breast cancer is to regularly screen for abnormalities. Call 903.41.MAMMO today to schedule an appointment.