Self-Contained Within the Heart

If you are experiencing arrhythmia or a slow heart rate, you may need a pacemaker. The Micra® pacemaker is different from conventional pacemakers because it does not require pacing leads or a pacemaker pocket to place the device. The Micra leadless pacemaker is placed directly in the heart through a catheter inserted into a vein in the groin. It is completely self-contained within the heart. The procedure does not require an incision in the chest and it does not create a scar or bump under the skin.

Benefits of the Micra Pacemaker

  • Very small, about one inch long and a quarter-inch wide
  • Takes considerably less time to place than traditional pacemakers
  • Adjusts your heart rate automatically by sensing changes in your body
  • Has an 8-to-13 year battery life
  • Is safe for MRI scanners

The Micra can be used in patients of any age, but is particularly suited for older individuals in frail health.

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