The Birth Place For Parents and Babies

The Birth Place For Parents and Babies

Patients at The Birth Place enjoy spacious labor and delivery suites with large picture window views and comfortable seating, a comfortable waiting area for family and friends, and an advanced security system for the safety of babies and their parents.

With two surgical suites on the floor, women can undergo C-sections and other medical procedures and recover in the same area of the hospital. 

Mothers Milk Bank in North Texas

The Birth Place also features a dedicated triage area for expectant moms so they can bypass the Emergency Department for pregnancy-related concerns. And for the weeks leading up to birth, TMC offer a comprehensive menu of classes to help expectant families get prepared.

Certified lactation specialists are available to provide breastfeeding support to moms and babies while in the hospital and even after they get home. All babies born at TMC receive newborn screenings, including blood, hearing and heart tests, to check for serious but rare conditions.

The Texas Department of State Health Services recognizes TMC as a Distinguished Newborn Hearing Screening Program, which is the highest rating possible for a hospital in Texas.

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Donor milk programs

Our philosophy at Texoma Medical Center is that a parent’s own milk is the best food for your infant. Human milk is unique because:

  • It boosts your baby’s infection fighting potential
  • It is the easiest for your baby to digest, supports and manages your baby’s normal digestive system
  • It offers active growth and development hormones which formula does not contain
  • It supports the overall growth and development of your baby

Frequent removal of milk, in the first few days of life, provides the right amount of nutrition to most infants. Some babies may need to have supplemental feedings. When this occurs, parents have a choice of using formula or donor milk.

  • Our donor milk comes from the Mother’s Milk Bank of North Texas, donated by other women who are producing milk and have enough extra to provide milk for other babies.  We need donors! 
  • Donors are carefully screened by physicians to make sure they are healthy, free of illness/communicable disease, non-smoking and not taking dangerous medications or drugs.
  • Donor milk is mixed together in large batches, then heat pasteurized. This process does not interfere with human milk being able to fight illness and protect your baby. 
  • The milk is then divided into bottles and frozen. Your nurse will thaw a bottle of donor milk, warm it and give it to your baby. 

This procedure follows standards developed by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America and they are regulated by the state of Texas along with the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control.  


Newborn With Medical Issues

If newborns have medical issues, TMC's staff of pediatricians and specially trained nurses will provide the highest level of care. TMC's Pediatrics Unit works to help kids get better and maintain good health. 

Find a doctor

If you need a referral to an Ob/Gyn or other physician, call the free physician service at 903-416-3627.