Intensive Exercise Therapy

Texoma Medical Center offers an advanced, research-based approach to helping improve the motor functioning of patients with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions. The LSVT® (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) BIG treatment was developed from the principles of LSVT LOUD, an effective, Parkinson’s-specific therapy for speech improvement.

What is LSVT BIG?

LSVT® BIG is an intensive treatment that incorporates exercise to promote strength and motor learning. Patients work with an LSVT-certified occupational or physical therapist, learning how to avoid inactivity and improving:

  • Walking speed and size of steps
  • Balance
  • Torso rotation
  • Performance of activities of daily living
  • Confidence and quality of life

How Does LSVT Work?

A typical treatment course includes 16 sessions over a month. Each week, patients participate in four individual 60-minute sessions consecutively. Patients are given exercises to do on days when no session is scheduled, as well as daily homework practice.

LSVT BIG treatment is offered at the following locations:

TMC Home Health
Texoma Medical Plaza-Sherman
2600 N. Sam Rayburn Freeway, Suite 200
Sherman, TX 75092

TMC Outpatient Therapy Services
4616 US Hwy 75, Suite 200
Denison, TX 75020

TMC Reba McEntire® Center for Rehabilitation
1200 Reba McEntire Lane
Denison, TX 75020


SPEAK OUT!® is the program provided by TMC for improvement of speech and swallowing for the Parkinson patient. SPEAK OUT! is based on LSVT training with the emphasis on speaking louder and with intent. It strengthens the vocal cords for a stronger voice, exercises muscles used in swallowing and improves pitch range for better stress and intonation, so that the Parkinson patient improves and maintains the ability to participate in conversation in all communication settings.

TMC offers a weekly group therapy session called the Loud Crowd to help patients maintain their improved voices and provides the opportunity to interact with other Parkinson patients.

Get a Referral

For a referral to a rehabilitation therapist or physician at Texoma Medical Center, call our free physician referral service at 903-416-3627.